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what will be...

where when and...
Ciutat Vella Saturday 20 May Jo's birthday and first clam rock gig
No Sweat Friday 26 May a real gig with a real PA. should be good.
Ciutat Vella Saturday 27 May Snot battered clam aka clamnation assault (funk - see about clam)
Frida Sunday 28 May superb salads and totally beautiful bar & owners. will be relaxed.
Frida Wednesday 31 May Nick's birthday - concert by mystery classical guitarist
Ribborn Thursday 1 June Snot Battered Clam! by this gig we'll be launching our propellorheads repertoire
not sure soon a capella folk/gospel/blues gigs with Loti Lewis - hopefully.
all gigs start at 11-ish, except Ciutat Vella (12-ish-ish)

what was...

where when and...
Ribborn Thursday 11 May strange but truthful. love the bar, very nice wood.
Frida Thursday 27 april what a bar! mistakenly thought we drank the profits

Ciutat Vella

Saturday 22April

lovely. battle of evermore is christened

No Sweat Saturday 15 April

a real gig with a real PA. should be good...

and it was....great sax and harp from ring-ins. buckets of new stuff.

Ciutat Vella Saturday 8 April Lots of danes playing children's songs. nick plays viola. rachel plays sax.
Les Artistes Thursday 6 April Fun, but never again. Marcel's ultra-sensitive guitar solos received mixedly.
Ciutat Vella Saturday 1 April First funk gig - unbelievable
No Sweat Friday 17 March Paddy's day! free guiness beanies and enthusiastic bar staff...crowd all wearing black and probably advertising.

and where is it?

where exactly is it
Ciutat Vella

C/ San Rafael 11

from the ramblas, left into c/ l'hospital, left into c/ d'en robador, first street on your right


Les Artistes Who cares?
No Sweat

c/ Vic 5

go up gran de gracia, left into travesera de gracia, first street on your left


c/ Sant Joan 5.

last street off passeig del born on the right before c/ comerc (the market)


c/ de la Merce 26

From the bottom (seaward end) of the Ramblas, turn right (1st) onto c/ Ample, go to Plaza de la Merce, cross it and you're almost there


... and with the new velvet-lined supercharged clampack we're finally out there booking some gigs