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Jo on the Duna

Rachel at the Sziget

Nick near Granada



well i love the clam! managed to find a player for the files and now
i'm hooked. were can i get the cd?

love and devotion,


Just downloaded one of your songs and yore mum recognised it as Chess!
Mwuhh to you and Lannie from yore Dad et mater.


New e-mail yet again? Had a very quick look at Clamnation site. Nice,
very simple and fast. You are missing an L in 'still' on one page by the
way. I didn't click on the CD Cover to see if you had a larger, legible
version with more details, if you don't it might be an idea as it is a
bit frustrating not being able to read it!

Does that MP3 thing take a year to download? What is it - would I have it
on one of those freebie mag CDs? Save telephone time you see!

We will try to make a Clam gig this month but it's review time so not too
sure when.



>spam, spam & eggs
spam, spam, eggs and ham
spam, eggs, chips & spam
spam & eggs
spam, spam & spam

don't mind at all.

i, maybe moving to south america by millennium. bottoms up.


waiting for gwen.



Nickeroo old bean
Can't wait to download the songs - I've just sorted
out my account with Matav (could write an opera
libretto about that experience) so at the next
opportunity they'll be pumping out of my speakers (I'm
in the office at the moment and computers here don't
have sound cards!)
Write more once I've listened to them. Hope you and
Lanni are ticketyboo. How's the right hand?
Lots of luv
Robert St Bobbert.