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The Anti Infinity Phone

Even with the phone hung up, a bug called Infinity can listen to everything in the room. They don't need access to your office or home to do this.

The bug works in the following way: there is an electronic device which is connected to a phone and they then dial the number they intend to listen in on. The phone will not ring, but it will connect, and with the phone in the hung up position it will turn on the mic in the handset and the persons doing the bugging can listen in (some are programmed to increase the sensitivity of the mike up to 20 times, so they can listen beyond the room where the phone is placed).

This act of bugging can be done from anywhere in the world. Don't let them listen anymore.

The Anti Infinity Bug Phone is simple to use. There's an on/off switch which enables you to turn the microphone off once you've hung up. Therefore, even if they dial your number, they won't be able to listen in. When your phone rings, you just switch the microphone on, and you can use the phone normally. The phone also has a modem socket built in, mute switch, last number redial and a 10 number speed dial.