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Bug Off Devices Main Description

How many times have you met someone and ad the feeling that something about that person just isn't right? Have you ever been in a building and felt like you're being watched? this is not being's your intuition putting you on alert.

Have peace of mind!!!

It's an unfortunate fact that, in this day and age, white collar crime is running rampant, not to mention other forms of spying.

It's very easy to be bugged these days. RF bugs can be bought for as little as $25. The easiest form of bugging is via a mobile phone (analog or digital). The Rat has his phone turned on in his pocket and the conversation can be listened to and recorded.

Infinity bugs work off your home or office phone. They can listen to you through the microphone in your phone while it's still on the hook. Using a variety of electronic methods, they ring your phone and turn on its microphone (without the phone even ringing) then amplify the signal up to 20 times.

It's a scary thought that you can be bugged without them even having access to your premises.

Hidden cameras (wireless) are so small now they can be the size of a coin, and can be positioned near your office table, in your bedroom, restrooms...anywhere. Unless they are paying you big money for starring on someone's private TV or radio station, simply tell them to Bug-Off!!!

Don't let them watch or listen anymore!!!

It's your personal right!!!

The Bug Detector

The Anti-Infinity Phone

Confidentiality Terms